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Lack of Listing Leads Got You Down?
Pipeline of Buyers Not Buying?
Not Sure What Niche To Get Into?
Not Sure How Adding A Niche Can Earn You More Money?

Then This Mini-Course Is For You!

Embracing a niche in real estate opens doors to opportunities and allows you to cultivate a specialized skill set that can lead to greater success.

We're here to support you on this journey with two items!

First, starting with our on demand webinar on " Unlocking Success: The Power of Probate (and listing niches) Webinar which walks you through the value of a real estate niche and how to leverage your time, your money and you!

Second, you will find "Beating The Competition With Real Estate Niches and Video Marketing Guide" that is completely complimentary to you!

What's Inside the Course?

  1. Guide to Creating a Niche: Unearth the niches that will have buyers and sellers flocking to you.
  2. 40-Minute Niche Webinar: Learn why specializing can supercharge your real estate business.
  3. The Niche Bible: A mega guide featuring 50 real estate niche markets.
  4. Niche Blueprint: Your roadmap to nailing down your specialty.
  5. 10 Steps to Niche Down: Follow this plan to carve out your niche effectively.
  6. Off-Market Mastery: Tips on where to find and market off-market properties.
  7. Probate Power: 10 reasons to specialize in probate real estate.
  8. Video Magic: 10 short-form video ideas to help you promote your niche with flair.

    We hope you enjoy these tools and hope that they will inspire you and help you reinvent your real estate business, just like I reinvented mine after the housing market crash of 2008!

    Here is to your success!

    Michele Bellisari

I am a Realtor with Real Broker LLC. This course is for educational and informative use only. Individual results may vary. Information in this course is not to be considered professional legal or financial advice. You agree that the company providing this course has not made any guarantees in regard to results. There are no earning guarantees, as each individual is responsible for their own effort and outcome. Please review all product purchases before you click on the payment as all sales are final for these digitial courses. I am not an attorney, accountant or financial advisor. Bonuses are subject to change and monthly mastermind call can be discontinued without notice.

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Probate Real Estate Boot Camp

Probate Real Estate Boot Camp

Transform your real estate business in just 30 days with Probate Real Estate! Say goodbye to paying for leads and hello to working with motivated sellers via the power of probate listings!
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100+ Social Media Posts for Your Real Estate Niche copy

100+ Social Media Posts for Your Real Estate Niche copy

Over 100+ done for you social media posts with hashtags for a variety of listing and buyer niches, hyper local and non-profit posts for you to use!
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Niche Navigator: 1:1 Coaching

Niche Navigator: 1:1 Coaching

Level up as a Specialty Real Estate Strategist! 1:1 coaching to identify USP, develop marketing strategy, build niche relationships & thrive! 30 Minutes of Coaching + Session Snapshot!
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